a touch of class. a touch of brinell.

About us

brinell founded in Karlsruhe, Germany refines electronic products and gives them an exclusive appearance - the very special brinell touch. For this purpose, exclusively high-quality materials such as ebony wood, calf nappa leather, carbon and stainless steel are processed and seamlessly integrated into the housing. By incorporating design and manufacturing under one roof, as well as expertise in mechanics, electronics and software, brinell ensures the highest precision and quality. In this way, the technology refiner provides unique high-end products with stylish appeal to customers, who demand an extravagant alternative to the mass market. brinell products have already been awarded the iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Award. Founder and Managing Director of the company is Michael Föhrenbach.
brinell - technology refined

We place high value on the personal selection of wood from our local suppliers. To highlight the typical character of the wood, we use precious Makassar ebony, which is known for its very fine and distinct grain. Special importance is given to the leather grain, softness and structure of the nappa leather. Selection from our local suppliers requires lots of experience and meets the highest quality standards.

Our avant-garde design is built up with only two components, the stainless steel frame and mounting, which must therefore be precisely matched with each other. The CNC laser cutter achieves extremely high cutting precision within 0.05mm for this.



Material classification

From ebony to stainless steel – we cater to every taste stylishly,
thanks to a large selection of exclusive materials.
Find your own personal brinell style:

Elegant series

Nappa leather

Our careful workmanship gives premium-quality nappa leather a warm colour while maintaining its distinctive appearance with a subtly textured surface. Experience the warm and soft feel of a purely natural product.

Understatement series

Makassar ebony

The fine tone of the premium-quality Makassar wood with its dark to black grain gives the product real exclusivity. Thanks to the slightly oily, smooth surface, it is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher.

Engineered series

Stainless steel and carbon

brinell specials Stainless steel: The sleek design made from stainless steel makes an impression with its powerful and cool radiance and shimmers in light or dark metallic tones, depending on the available light.

Carbon:Thanks to the shimmering look of the mesh pattern, and the typical carbon haptics, the fascination of this material technology is transferred onto the brinell casing. Discover the innovative carbon look and feel.

Extraordinary special editions - striking, lavish and impressive. We always like to venture into new ideas and materials to expand our existing product portfolio with special ranges.